Student Organization Conduct

The primary student organization advisor serves as the organizational risk manager. It is the Advisor's responsibility to be knowledgeable of and enforce the following:

  • Student Code of Conduct within the Student Handbook
  • Board Policies Regarding Student Organizations 
  • State and Local Policies 

There are times that student organizations may violate some policies, most of them are fairly minor and can be corrected by a simple conversation between the student organization leader(s) and an Assistant Director in Student Life.

However, there are times when major policies may be reached, related to risk management, substance use, state or local laws that have to be handled in more of a serious manner. If a student organization has breached conduct, Student Life will determine the next steps, from investigation of the violation through mandating sanctions. We will then inform you, as their advisor, of the process. See "Student Organization Accountability Process" for additional information. 

If a conduct violation occurs and an individual student is responsible, the student will follow the conduct procedure within the Dean of Student Development office. 


Student Handbook (Student Code of Conduct)

Board Policy FK(LOCAL)

Student Organization Appeals Form