As organizations vary in their expectations and needs, it is important that each advisor, develop an understanding with the organization as to the nature of their involvement. The advisor and organization should agree on a set of expectations of one another from the onset. The following is intended to clarify the role of the advisor by providing the organization and advisor the opportunity to discuss the extent to which they will be involved with the organization.

Write a YES or NO next to each item in response to the prompt: “Our student organization advisor should…”


Y / N Attend all regular meetings of the organization. (Strongly encouraged)
Y / N Attend all officer meetings. (Strongly encouraged)
Y / N Attend organization's campus-wide activities and events. 
(Requirement: 1 advisor for every 30 individuals in attendance on campus. 1 advisor for every 10 students off-campus.)
Y / N Attend organization's internal activities and events. (Strongly encouraged)


Meeting Involvement

Y / N Assist in the preparation of meeting agendas.
Y / N Interrupt during meetings to inform members about possible violations of University policy.
Y / N Interrupt during meetings to inform officers/members about violations in constitution/bylaws.
Y / N Present personal point of view during discussions at meetings.
Y / N Be quiet at meetings unless asked for input.
Y / N Review minutes for accuracy before distribution.


Goal Setting

Y / N Require committees to follow up with advisor on progress toward goals.
Y / N Assist officers in setting individual leadership goals.
Y / N Provide feedback to officers on progress toward goals.


Organization Development

Y / N Coordinate leadership development workshops on topics created by officers.
Y / N Research and present leadership development opportunities available on campus, etc.
Y / N Explain University policies and procedures to general organization membership.
Y / N Assist in planning events/programs.
Y / N Cancel events when he/she believes they are poorly planned.
Y / N Take the initiative to instill teamwork, cooperation and collaboration within the organization.



Y / N Speak on behalf of the organization to the campus community.
Y / N Speak on behalf of the organization to the general public.
Y / N Assist with mediating conflicts.



Y / N Review and approve all budget requests before they are sent to Student Activity Fee Advisory Committee.
Y / N Keep all accounting records of organization.
Y / N Meet with Student Life for organization purchases.


Additional Roles

Y / N Receive copies of all official correspondence.
Y / N Review/proof all official correspondence (newsletters, proposals, letters, etc) before mailing.